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2017 TS050 Hybrid – Car Optimizations

2017 TS050 Hybrid – Car Optimizations Images Credit: TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH


A New Era for TOYOTA in Endurance Racing

The TS050 HYBRID features a significant change in powertrain concept. A 2.4litre, twin-turbo, direct injection V6 petrol engine is combined with an 8MJ hybrid system, both of which are developed by Motor Sport Unit Development Division at Higashi-Fuji Technical Centre.

2017 TS050 Hybrid – Car Optimizations Images Credit: TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH


A new generation turbo engine with direct injection is better suited to the current regulations which limit fuel flow to the engine, and provides opportunity to continue technology and knowledge transfer from the track to road cars.

Like TOYOTA road cars, the front and rear motor-generators recover energy under braking, storing it in a high-powered lithium-ion battery and releasing it as boost for maximum efficiency. The change from super capacitor to battery storage allows the TS050 HYBRID to move up to the more-powerful 8MJ hybrid class.

The TS040 HYBRID was already used as a rolling test bench and contributed to current road cars. With turbo engines increasingly in use on the road, TOYOTA expects to use the technology and know-how from WEC to make ever-better road cars.

A new powertrain concept brings different cooling and packaging demands, including an updated transmission to handle the significant increase in torque delivered by the turbo engine. Combined with a new aerodynamic concept, that means virtually every part on the TS050 HYBRID chassis has been redesigned by TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH in Cologne, Germany.

Powertrain components have played their part too in the improved aerodynamic performance of the TS050 HYBRID; by relocating the front motor-generator unit, better under-floor air flow has been achieved which will contribute to overall performance. Suspension kinematics have also been revised to optimize tire wear.


2017 TS050 Hybrid – Car Optimizations Images Credit: TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH


TS050 HYBRID technical details


Type                        LMP1-H (Le Mans Prototype – Hybrid)

Bodywork                Carbon fiber composite

Windscreen             Polycarbonate

Anti roll bars           Front and rear

Length                     4650mm

Width                      1900mm

Height                     1050mm

Suspension             Independent front and rear wishbone, pushrod system

Springs                    Torsion bars

Steering                   Hydraulically assisted

Engine                                     V6 direct injection twin-turbo

Engine Capacity                      2.4litre

Fuel                                          Petrol

Fuel Capacity                          62.5litres

Lubricants                               Mobil 1

Engine Power                         368kw / 500PS

Hybrid Power                          368kw / 500PS (front and rear combined)

Combined Power                   736kw / 1000PS

Battery                                     High-powered lithium-ion battery developed by TOYOTA

Front Hybrid Motor                AISIN AW

Rear Hybrid Motor                  DENSO

Inverter                                     DENSO

Tires                                      Michelin Radial

Front Tires                            31/71-18

Rear Tires                             31/71-18

Discs                                      Ventilated front and rear in carbon

Brake calipers                       Akebono mono-block light-alloy

Brake discs                           Carbon ventilated

Gearbox                              Transversal with 7 gears, sequential

Gearbox casing                   Aluminum

Driveshaft’s                         Constant velocity tripod plunge-joint driveshaft’s

Clutch                                  ZF-supplied multidisc

Differential                         Mechanical locking differential